In the Vaishnava sect (Vaishnavism), Lord Vishnu is considered to be God and the creator of the entire creation. There are many sub-sects of Vaishnavism, the origin of Vaishnavism is found in worship of the Sun God. In ancient times, the name of Vaishnavism was ‘Bhagwan Dharma’ or Pancharatra Mat. The principal worshiper of this community is God Vasudeva, who has been called Bhagavan or Bhagavat because he is blessed with 6 qualities – wisdom, power, strength, semen, opulence and glory. The worshipers of the Bhagavata are called Gods.

Facts about Vaishnavism :-

According to the Vidhans, this religion came into existence when the Buddhist-Jain reform movements were taking place in response to the violence-related sacrifices of the Brahmin texts. Which was limited to certain sections of the Kshatriya dynasty.
The Shrimad Bhagwat Gita is the accepted text of this community. Information about Vaishnava religion comes from the Upanishads. Vaishnavism has developed from the Bhagavata religion itself. The originator of the Vaishnava religion was Krishna, who belonged to the Vrishika clan and whose residence was Mathura. Krishna is first mentioned in the Chdogya Upanishad as Devaki’s son and disciple of Angiras. The 10 incarnations of Vishnu are mentioned in the Matsyapurana which is as follows: –

Matsya, Kachpa, Varah, Narsingh, Vaman, Rama, Parashurama, Balarama, Buddha, Kalki

The most popular of the incarnations of Vishnu is the Varaha avatar. The first mention of which is in the Rigveda. In the Vaishnavism, devotion is given the highest importance for attaining God.
The birth names of Vaishnavism are Pancharatra Mat, Vaishnavism, Bhagwat Religion etc.

  • Principal community – vote – Acharya
  • Vaishnava Sampradaya – Distinguished Dvaita – Ramanuja
  • Brahna Sampradaya – Dvaita – Anand Tirtha
  • Rudra Sampradaya – Shudva Dvaita – Vallabhacharya
  • Craze cult – dvaita – nimbark

The Bhagavata religion was initially a path of worship practiced by the Kshatriyas.
The pilgrimage sites of Vaishnavism are as follows-

Mathura, Ayodhya, Badridham, Tirupati Balaji, Srinath, Dwarkadhish etc.

Vaishnavite Rites: –

Vaishnava temples have idols of Lord Vishnu, Rama and Krishna. People of this religion are not staunch towards monotheism. The saints of this religion keep their heads shaved and have a pinch. They all perform Yajna, worship and rituals during the day. They give importance to Satvik Yagyas. Sannyasis wear janeu and wear Pitambara clothes. And keep the kamandal and bead in the hand. While ordinary people can also wear janeu. People of Vaishnavism observe fast based on the Sun. The ritual of Vaishnava cremation. They apply sandalwood tilak.
Vaishnava sadhus are called Acharya, Sat, Swami, Mahatma etc.

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