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List Of Waterfalls and Hills In Bihar -

In Bihar, there are many Famous Places which attract visitors. Below You can find the List Of Waterfalls and Hills In Bihar -

Waterfalls In Bihar -

1. Kakolat Waterfall

2. Karkat Waterfall

3. Telhar Waterfall

4. Manjhar Kund and Dhua Kund Waterfall

Hills In Bihar -

Brahmajuni Hill

Ramshila Hill

Pretshila Hill

Gurpa Peak


Hot Springs in Bihar

A spring is a place where water flow out of the ground. The list of hot springs in Bihar is given below:

Spring Location
Satdhara Kund Rajgir
Surya Kund Rajgir
Makhdum Kund Rajgir
Brahma Kund Rajgir
Nanank Kund Rajgir
Lakshman Kund Munger
Rameshwar Kund Munger
Gaumukh Kund Munger
Sita Kund Munger
Rishi Kund Munger

Last Updated - 24 October 2018

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Hope You Guys Liked our article about List Of Waterfalls and Hills In Bihar. Thank You

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