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List Of Rivers in Bihar -

Below is the List Of Rivers in Bihar -

1. Ganga -

Ganga is the main river of Bihar which enters from Chausa which formed the boundary of Saran and Bhojpur district. Gandak, Kosi, Kali, Bagmati,  Sone, Punpun and Karmanasa are tributaries of Ganga River In Bihar. It also has a Mahatma Gandhi Setu which is build to connect North Bihar with the Rest Of Bihar.

2. Ghaghra / Saryu -

It Entered in Bihar via Gopalkunj and Join Ganga at Chhapra and it is the sacred river for both Buddhist and Hindus.

3. Gandak -

Gandak river flows in south direction and form boundary b/w UP and Bihar and originates from Tibet, Nepal and enters into the Triveni town in Nepal. It drains its water in Chapara, Muzaffarpur, Siwan, East Champaran, Vaishali, and Saran district of Bihar.

4. Burhi Gandak -

Burhi Gandak joins River Ganga at Khagaria and flows through East Champaran, West Champaran, Samastipur, Muzzafarpurand Begusarai. It enters in Bihar from Chautarwanear Bisambharpurand originates at Someshwar Hills and flow parallel to the Gandak River.

5. Bagmati -

Bagmati flows from Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, and Samastipur and originates from Shivpuri range of hills in Nepal and enters in the Bihar at Shorwatia Village. Lakhendei and Lalbakia are the Tributaries and it is the perennial river of Bihar.

6. Kamla -

Kamla river enters in Bihar state from Jainagar and It originates from Mahabharata range of hills, Nepal. Soni, Balan, Dhauri, and Trisula are Its Tributaries.

7. Mahananda -

River Mahananda enters into Bihar from Purina and originates from Sikkim. Ratwa, Kankai, and Balason are the main tributaries. It joins the River Ganga in Nawabganj, Bangladesh.

8. Sone -

River Sone originates from Amarkantak Hills, Madhya Pradesh and Joins the Ganga at Maner. The North Koel and Rihand are Its Tributaries.

9. Kosi -

This is also Known as 'Sorrow of Bihar' and it enters the Indian Territory, Hanuman Nagar, Nepal and joins the Ganga river, Kursela, Kathihar district.

10. Punpun -

Punpun Originates from Hazaribagh and joins Ganga river Fatuha. Butane, Morhar, Madhar, and Dortha are the main Tributaries Of Punpun. This river is mentioned in the Padma Purana and Vayu.

11. Phalgu -

Phalgu river is also known as Niranjana and sacred river for Buddhists and Hindus. Mohane is the main Tributaries

12. Karmanasa -

Karmanasa joins river Ganga at Chausa, Uttar Pradesh- Bihar Border and it originates from Rohtas. Chandraprabha, Karunuti, Khajuri, Nadi, and Durgavati are the main tributaries of Karmanasa.

Last Updated - 25 October 2018
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