Jainism is fundamentally atheistic because it denies the existence of God. Jain pilgrims consider Jainism as a follower of the deity. There are a total of 24 Tirthankars in Jainism. The first Tirthankar was Rishabha Dev or Adinath. Which are mentioned from the Rigveda.
Tirthankar – The great men who bring man across the river of life.
22th tirthankar were the pilgrim Neminath (Arishthanemi). 23th tirthkar were the pilgrim Parshwanath. He had arranged the Chaturyam religion of truth, non-violence, astheya and aparigraha.
Vardhman Mahavira was the 24th pilgrim. Who was not considered the founder of this religion, but the reformer of the present religious sect. Vardhman Mahavir was born in Kundagram (Vaishali). Mahavir’s father Siddharth Vajji was the ruler of the Janatrik / Nyaya clan of the Union. His mother’s name was Trishala, wife’s name was Yashoda. Mahavir Swami renounced the planet at the age of 30. Mahavira attained supreme knowledge on the banks of the Trijupalik Sarita after 12 years of rigorous penance. Mahavira used Prakrit language in the teachings. He died in 468 BCE Pavapuri (Nalanda Bihar).
Evolution of Jainism:- The most important concept of Jainism is that the whole world is vital. This world is made up of 6 systems – Jiva, Pudgal, Dharma, Unrighteousness, Akasha and Kaal. Mahavir Swami added an extra fast celibacy to the four fasts – Ahisa, Satya, Astheya and Aparigraha. Ahimsa is the base point of Jainism.

  • Right knowledge —- To follow religious principles.
  • Right character—- To follow the five Mahavratas.
  • Samyak Darshan—- Believing in Jain pilgrims and teachings.

Sects of Jainism: –

  1. Shwetambar
  2. Digambar

Shwetambar Muni wore white clothes while Digambar Muni did not wear clothes.

Other names of Lord Mahavira-

  1. Degree – quality
  2. Arihant – worthy
  3. Kashv – Gotra
  4. Jinsen – conqueror of the senses
  5. Mahavir – Due to his might
  6. Nigrantha – Free from all the shackles
  7. Vaishaliya – Place of Birth

Guardian of Jainism:-

The founder of the Maurya dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya was a follower of Jainism. He sacrificed his body in Shravanabelagola (Karnataka) of the Jain method ‘Authoring Methodology and Nishiddhi Sandhara’. Presently, the grandson of Emperor Ashoka was a follower of Jainism. The Rashtrakuta dynasty also patronized Jainism. The Rashtrakuta ruler Amodhavarsha patronized the Jain monks Gunabhadra and Jinsen. It is known from the Hathigumka inscription of Naresh Kharavel of Chedi dynasty of Kalinga that he nurtured Jainism. Tejpal and Vastupala under the leadership of Vimal Shah, the minister of Bhimdev I, ruler of the Chalukya dynasty of Anhilwara (Gujarat), built the Jain temple (Mount Abu Rajasthan) of the world famous Dilwara. Its womb is a statue of Rishabhdev or Adinath.

Important Facts

Mahavir Swami gave the sermon in Rajagraha on the banks of river Barkar on Vipulchal hill. His first disciple was his son-in-law Jamali.

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