Constitutional Development Of The Indian Constitution

The constitution is a document by which the governance of states is organized. The Constitution of India is the largest and written constitution of the whole world. The Constitution of Britain is called the mother of the whole world constitution.

Written constitution:– Written constitution is called in which all the provisions are found in written form. The first written constitution is by the US.

Unwritten constitution: – Unwritten constitution is called, in which no provision is found in writing and all the provisions should be based on tradition. Britain has an unwritten constitution.

Constituent Assembly demands:-

  1. First in 1895, Bal Ganga Dhar  Tilak demanded the Constituent Assembly through the Swaraj Bill.
  2. In 1922 Mahatma Gandhi called for a Constituent Assembly.
  3. In 1934 M.N Roy suggested the creation of the Constituent Assembly.

1942 Cripps Proposal:  

The demand of Indians was accepted under the Cripps proposal.

The main points of the Cripps proposal are as follows: –

  1. After the end of the second world, Indians will be ordered to make a constitution and a Constituent Assembly will be formed for this, in which members of the princely state and the province will be members.
  2. If the British government did not like the constitution made by the Indians, then the British government will maintain its proper status.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi, rejecting the Cripps proposals, called it a bankrupt bank or a cash uncashed check at a future date.

1945 Wavell Plan:

  1. In 1943, Lord Wavell was sent to India to replace India’s constitutional activities in place of Linleighgo.
  2. Lord Wavell said in his plan that after the end of World War II, Indians will be allowed to make a constitution.

1946 Cabinet Mission Plan: 

The Constitution of India was constituted under the Cabinet Mission Plan, it had three members

  1. V Alexander
  3. Steffrod Cripps
  • 389 members were elected to the Constituent Assembly under the Cabinet Mission Plan. In which 292 members were drawn from the British province, 93 members from the princely state and 4 members from the Commissioner ate area.
  • In this 15  women were also elected. The only Muslim woman among these 15 women was Begum Ejaz Rasool.
  • It took 2 years, 11 months, 18 days to build the constitution and about 64 lakh rupees were spent in the constitution.
  • 395 article 8 schedule 22 parts were made in the constitution, currently 465 article 12 schedule is 25 parts.
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