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Culture Of Bihar -

An eastern state of India which have unique forms of Cuisine, Literature, Visual Arts, Performing and festivals. Following is the some keypoints for Culture Of Bihar -

Language -

The Official language of Bihar is Hindi. Urdu and Maithil is the recognised language and Bhojpuri, Angika and Magahi are the Unrecognised language of the state. Bihar has produced many hindi writers Shiva Pujan Sahay, Raja Radhika Raman Singh, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Ram briksh Benipuri, baba Nagarjun etc.

Paintings -

In Bihar, There are several traditional styles of Paintings and the one is Mithila Painting. In Mithilia Region, Paintings skills was passed down from one generation to another generation, mainly by women. The artist of Patna also start Painiting Baazar Scenes. Mithila painiting is also known as Madhubani Art. In Patna there are many paintings school like Patna School of Painting, Mughal Miniature School Of Painting, Patna Art School under the leadership of Sri Radha Mohan and this school is the main important center of fine arts in state.

Music -

Bihar Produced many musicians like Dhrupad and Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismilla Khan along with poet like Vidyapati Thakur. In 1984, Satish Anand created a Bidesia Style for modern indian theatre. Sama Chakeva and Rajesh Salhesh originate music for  Mithila region of Bihar.

Cuisine -

The Staple food of Bihar is Roti, Chawal, Sabji and Dal and Achar which is prepared by wheat floor, lentish, vegetables, rice and pickle. Mustard oil is the traditional cooking medium. The favourite dish for Bihari is Litti-Chokha which is made by Sattu and smashed potatoes, tomatoes and brinjals. They like Kala Jamun, Khaja, Chena Murki, Khurma, Mal pua, Murabba and tikut. In Mithilanchal People like both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Festivals -

Chhath -

Chhath is also known as Dala Chhath, is a ancient and famous festival of Bihar. Chath celebrated twice year once in summer and once during the Deepawali, called Karthik Chhath which is usual festive seasoon in North India. In Chhath, People worship of God.

Durga Puja -

Durga is the second major festival of Bihar which is celebrated for ten days. Many people perform fast and married women perform Saanjh (Sandhya Arti) and Khoecha. In Bihar, Durga pooja is diffrent from West Bengal.

Shravani Mela -

Shravani mela is held very year in the month of Shravan. Pilgrim(Kanwarians) wear saffron cloths and collect water from a Ghat, Sultanganj.

Pitri Paksh Mela -

It is 15 days fair which is held near bank of river Falgu at Gaya during Pitru Paksh. People offering Pinda to honour their ancestors.

Saraswati Pooja -

It is major festivals which is performed by students and households. This festival is mainly performed in Colleges and schools. Students offer thier book, Musical instruments and study material in front of goddess Saraswati.

Other Festivals - 

  • Teej, Chitragupta Puja
  • Bihula-Bishari Puja
  •  Sonepur cattle fair
  • Sama Chakeva
  • Diwali; Saraswati Puja; Holi
  •  Eid-ul-Fitr; Eid-ul-Adha
  • Buddha Purnima
  • Christmas
Last Updated - 26 October 2018
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